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Car Rack Installation

Car Rack Installation 

Need a bicycle, ski, snowboard rack or kayak carrier for your car or SUV but don't know where to start? Worried about installation? 

Buy your car rack at Cedar Creek Outdoors in Cedarburg, WI, our experienced professionals can help you make the best selection! Plus, any vehicle rack purchased at our store CAN BE INSTALLED ON YOUR VEHICLE RIGHT HERE to ensure it is done properly. 

Cost and time vary by rack model. GET A QUOTE NOW FROM US.

We are authorized dealers of THULESARIS and KUAT bicycle racks, for hitch, rooftop for any seasons equipment. 

  • Ski Racks & Boxes
  • Snowboard Rack
  • Bicycle Rack
  • Kayak Rack
  • Canoe Rack
  • Watersports Board Rack
  • Fishing Rod Rack

Don't forget, when you buy your vehicle rack at Cedar Creek Outdoors, toss your instructions away. Installation can be done right here. Check out the latest products in our shop, enjoy a beverage and let us install your vehicle rack while you wait!

Roof Top Rack

We can help you select the roof rack you need with factory installed cross bars, or for naked roof. After a proper base rack system is installed, Cedar Creek Outdoors can help you select the best product to suit your needs to transport your products on top of your car or SUV


Hitch or Trunk Mounted Rack

It's smart to use the hitch on your car/SUV to haul your gear around? Smart! Hitch Mount and Trunk Mount Racks you purchase at Cedar Creek Outdoors can be installed right here. Come check out all of Cargo Rack solutions to carry everything from kayaks, bikes, skis and more! We also have options and solutions for those who do not have a hitch to work with, and also work with a local installer if you are interested in having a hitch installed on your vehicle.