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Freeride Snowboards

K2 Excavator
Named for its intended use, the K2 Excavator specializes in digging deep trenches on groomers and displacing powder after the storm cycle. Built around a mid-wide outline with a dual-radius sidecut, the K2 Excavator snowboard caters to the advanced rider looking for a directional snowboard to carve on groomers and float in the soft snow. The wider profile of the Excavator allows you to size down ~5cm from your usual snowboard size and get all of the performance of a longer board without the extra swing weight. This extra width and 20mm of taper benefits riders with wider feet, reducing any "booting out" on those deep corduroy carves and long traverses. Inside the Excavator, we use our smooth-flexing Bambooyah Pro Core to keep it responsive and damp underfoot and top it with our ICG 10 Biax Glass with tip-to-tail carbon stringers. This technology lets us keep the snowboard relaxed torsionally for easy turn initiation, but also helps to add snap over the entire length of the board. We also added our pre-cambered Carbon Power Forks in the tail to add an energy boost into and out of turns and those spontaneous "Slow Sign" ollies. All of this tech is sandwiched between a faster-than-hell Carbon Infused 5500 Sintered Race Base, waxable and supremely durable P-Tex sidewalls, and a snow-shedding SnoPhobic topsheet that keeps the whole package fast and light. - Bambooyah Pro Core: Sustainable, damp, durable, and extremely responsive. Our Bambooyah cores are backed by a 5-year warranty against breakages. - ICG 10 Biax Carbon Glass: Integrating Carbon Fiber stringers that run the length of the board into our fiberglass increases the snap of the snowboard without adding unnecessary rigidity. - SnoPhobic Top Sheet: This topsheet material sheds unwanted snow build up, keeping your snowboard light and nimble. - Carbon Power Fork: A pre-cambered carbon inlay in the tail of your snowboard gives the board energy in and out of turns and adds extra pop for takeoffs and landings. - Hybritech Sidewall Construction: A K2 exclusive. By transitioning from a P-Tex sidewall into a capped construction in the tip and tail of our snowboards, we are able to reduce waste while giving our snowboards better energy transfer and making them more durable than our competitors. - Carbon Infused 5500 Sintered Base: The hardest, fastest, most wax-absorbing base we make. Our 5500 Sintered Material gets carbon additives that reduce friction and glides smoother.
RIDE Snowboards Commissioner
A do-it-all snowboard for the rider who charges on the hill and off The Commissioner is made for a rider that demands the ultimate high-speed performance. This board will go as fast as you want to without flinching. From powder and groomers to chop and chunder, the Commissioner will power through all of it. We've used every technology available to make sure this board holds up to the most demanding speed freaks on the mountain. A Tapered Elliptical Progressive Sidecut allows for exceptional turn initiation and follow through. A laser cut aluminum/carbon fiber topsheet increases high-speed control. A 100% Paulownia core reduces weight and increases flex properties for snappier turns. The low-friction Race Base is made from a carbon-infused sintered base material to ensure a fast ride. The Commissioner is designed for intermediate to high-level riders seeking high-speed all-mountain terrain. - Design: Tapered Directional Hybrid Camber - Specialty: Groomers/Pow - Response: Aggressive Construction Features: - Directional Hybrid Camber - Tapered Elliptical Progressive Sidecut - Sintered, Stone Ground Race Base - Paulownia Core - Slimewalls, Carbon Slimewalls - Carbon Array 5 - Silencer 5 - Aluminum Carbon Topsheet - Carbon Infused Glass
RIDE Snowboards MTNPIG
Makin' bacon in any and all terrain on a board that specializes in speed and stability The MTNPIG is completely redesigned for 2021. The new MTNPIG has been reshaped to keep the best parts of the previous design but to be a little more forgiving and quicker like it's pig brethren. The addition of the new split tail tech allows for more dynamic turn shape and board flex through turns. Still the most aggressive of the Pig series boards. The MTNPIG is designed for high speed turns. Ride the MTNPIG in your standard board length—unlike the rest of the Pig series, we don't suggest sizing down on this model. The half-moon split tail shape helps it sink in deep snow while providing a long effective edge, increasing overall edge hold for sketchy situations. Tapered Linear Quadratic sidecut allows for smooth turn initiation and powerful support through the turn without losing grip. Carbon Slim Walls reduce weight, increase damping, increase energy transfer to enhance response and stability while Carbon-Infused Glass provides extra pop. The MTNPIG is running wild and fast through the mountains, growing fat on powder, and should only be approached by an advanced rider. - Design: Tapered Directional Hybrid Camber - Specialty: Groomers/Pow - Response: Aggressive Construction Features: - Directional Hybrid Camber - Tapered Linear Quadratic Sidecut - Sintered, Stone Ground Base - Performance Core - NEW! Carbon Slim Walls - Double Impact Plates - Carbon Array 5 - Carbon Infused Glass
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