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K2 Kandi

K2 Kandi
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For groms searching for an all-mountain freestyle snowboard to match their progressing skill set, the K2 Kandi youth snowboard focuses on features that matter, making snowboarding more fun and progression easier than ever before.

The K2 Kandi features a Twin Rocker Profile flat between the feet, with rocker outside the bindings to make turning and spinning easier than ever. A twin shape, sidecut, and camber profile make the Vandal feel precisely the same whether riding left or right foot forward for dialing in switch riding or just figuring out whether your grom is goofy or regular-footed.

Inside, the K2 Kandi features a single species Aspen Core to provide a smooth flex in a durable package. It's then wrapped with a biaxially woven fiberglass for the forgiveness needed for progression without sacrificing stability.

For easy turn initiation, mid-run butters, and freestyle progression, we give the K2 Kandi a Catch-Free™ Tune, eliminating the hooky feel often experienced on other grom snowboards.

The Extruded 2000 base is fast, tough, low maintenance, and easily repairable, giving you and your grom the confidence and peace of mind to send it on any terrain.

*Performs best in combination with K2 Kandi snowboard boot and K2 Kandi Snowboard Binding

Feature 1: Aspen Core -
A single species lightweight wood core that delivers smooth flex and lively rebound.

Feature 2: Biax Glass -
A fiberglass weave intersecting at 90º angles provides the proper torsional flexibility and strength.

Feature 3: Catch-Free™ Tune -
A 2° bevel and factory detuned tip and tail reduce falls and make linking turns more achievable.

Feature 4: Extruded 2000 Base -
A low maintenance and smooth gliding base material that's durable and easy to repair.

129 96 25.6 - 22.4 - 25.5 7 15'' CENTERED 11 - 18.9" <120
134 101 26.1 - 22.6 - - 26 7.2 16'' CENTERED 12.2 - 20.1" <130
137 109 26.8 - 22.9 - 26.7 7.3 17'' CENTERED 13 - 20.9" <130
141 111 27.2 - 23.2 - 27.1 7.5 18'' CENTERED 14.2 - 22" <150