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K2 Mini Turbo

K2 Mini Turbo
Size: 90cm
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Lightweight, durable, and specifically designed to turn with ease, we believe that we've created magic for the next generation. Leading with fun, progression, and durability to last season after season, the Mini Turbo Grom Snowboard fights way above its weight class.

The soft-flexing K2 Mini Turbo was built with a time-tested formula poised for progression. The Twin Rocker Profile is flat between the feet and rockered outside the bindings for an easy pivoting feel that makes turning a breeze and feels the same whether riding left or right foot forward. This makes perfecting that falling leaf or linking their first turns more attainable than ever.

The Catch-Free™ Tune on the Mini Turbo means fewer falls, more laps, and more fun for everyone in your grom's group. K2's proprietary Noodle Construction is smooth-flexing and lightweight and is hugged by biaxially woven fiberglass for stability when your mini-shredder turns up the speed dial.

An extensive size range allows you to choose the perfect board length to accommodate youngins of all shapes and sizes beginning their shred journey.

*Get them started young! All sizes 100cm and smaller feature tip-and-tail grommets, accommodating for leash pulls.

*Performs best in combination with the K2 Mini Turbo boot and binding.

- Noodle Construction: An injected core allows the board to flex truly underfoot without sacrificing stability or durability.
- Biax Glass: A fiberglass weave intersecting at 90° angles provides just the right amount of torsional flexibility and strength.
- Catch-Free Tune: A 2° bevel and factory detuned tip and tail reduce falls and make linking turns easier than ever before.
- Extruded 2000 Base: A low-maintenance and smooth-gliding base material that's durable and easy to repair.

75 56 20.0 - 18.0 - 20.0 6.5 12'' CENTERED <90 <41
90 68 20.2 - 18.0 - 20.2 7.1 13'' CENTERED <100 <45
100 75 21.9 - 19.0 - 21.9 7.5 14'' CENTERED <110 <50
110 83 23.0 - 20.0 - 23.0 7.9 16'' CENTERED <120 <54
120 90 24.8 - 21.5 - 24.8 8.5 16'' CENTERED <120 <54
130 98 26.5 - 23.0 - 26.5 9.1 17'' CENTERED <130 <59