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Onewheel For Sale

Cedar Creek Outdoors is on-board with Onewheel electric skateboards, and we have the latest models for sale at our shop. Browse our inventory below or come into our Onewheel dealer and see how you can eradicate boredom and save money on high gas prices with one of these modern electric rides. Make errands an epic trip, or casually get around town on these low-maintenance machines. eBoards offer something for all experience levels and models that fit your lifestyle. The Onewheel Pint and Pint X give you portability and punch for short trips around Milwaukee, while the Onewheel GT provides extended battery range, speed and off road capability. They're the perfect transit option for the Milwaukee, WI area and can help save money on transportation.

What Exactly Is a Onewheel?

The Onewheel has been one of the most innovative electric revolutions of personal travel. It combines the feeling of riding a skateboard with the ease of a scooter. It is helping bring thousands of riders in the Milwaukee area the perfect blend of thrills and convenience. Our friendly staff can work with you as you browse our selection of Onewheel models for sale and provide everything you need to know, including great places to ride around Cedarburg, WI.

Onewheel Makes Milwaukee a Playground

At Cedar Creek Outdoors, we're a Onewheel dealer that finds the right fit. We have the Onewheel Pint and Pint X which are perfect for zippy along pavement, or if you're looking for something for more adventurous, we offer the Onehweel GT model. Show Milwaukee how you choose to ride with customizable accessories that reflect your personality. These USA designed and manufactured skateboards bring the future to motion, with efficient energy usage and reliability every time. Check out these versatile skateboard features and capabilities with our Milwaukee inventory of Onewheel for sale.

Up to 20 mph 20-32 mile range per battery charge Every component of the Onewheel GT has been completely redesigned to make the world’s most refined electric skateboard Up to 20 mph and 20-32 mile range per battery charge Built like a tank, assembled with care and precision in the USA. Onewheel company promised that GT will be arriving at Cedar Creek Outdoors soon. CALL FOR AVAILABILITY.
Designed and assembled in right here in California, Onewheel Pint X is latest model of Future Motion’s single-wheeled, revolutionary electric riding platform that’s controlled by simply leaning your body in the direction you want to go. Onewheel Pint X is everything awesome about the Onewheel experience in a smaller, lighter package. It also comes with Simplestop technology, making it easier than ever for folks to get going. BUY IT NOW AT CEDAR CREEK OUTDOORS in Cedarburg, WI
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